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A Strategic Strategy for Craps

Craps just like any other game in a casino is based fully on chance. Therefore sincecraps is a game based on luck there is no sure fire strategy to guarantee 100% winnings.

If there was such a strategy, a player who employs such strategy will obviously become famous and rich. But to this day no player has come out with that strategy. The only strategies you may find are ways to maximize your winnings.

Here is one strategy that can help you maximize your winnings when you are playing craps. This strategy will not make a sure fire winner out of you but will only increase your chances of winning.

The best odds to win at a craps table are bets placed on Pass, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come bets. Placing bets here minimizes the casino’s edge. However, don’t think that by placing your bets here you have the upper hand. Here’s a fact, casinos will always have the upper hand.

Statistics say that Pass bets only give the house an edge of 1.41% and a Don’t Pass Bet give a house edge of 1.4%. The Come and Don’t Come Bets have the same percentages as the Pass and Don’t Pass bets when it comes to the house edge of the casino.

Placing your wager on other areas of the craps table will give the house a bigger edge. For example the Field bets gives the house an edge of 5.6% and the horn bets gives the house an edge of 12.5%.

Putting your money on Come/Don’t Come or Pass/Don’t Pass is not the best way to increase your money. You can improve your odds further by buying or laying chips on Pass/Come or Don’t Pass/Don’t Come respectively. This means that you can place odds on your original bet after your come out roll. This helps your return because the odds give the house an edge of zero.

That’s why casinos usually hide the odds bet at the craps table. Why would they show something that can weaken their chances of winning? Casinos believe that it is not their duty to inform players of all their betting options.

Pass/Don’t pass odds are made by building up your bet by adding chips to your first bet after the Come Out Roll. This bet will be placed alongside your original bet on the Pass/Don’t Pass Line. Most casinos will limit your odds bets to single odds. This means you can match your original amount with the exact amount. The house edge will be cut in half with the use of single odds.

You can further supplement your Pass/Come bet by buying odds. When you buy odds, your winnings will be based on the Point Number or Come Bet Number. These numbers will have different payout odds. 4 and 10 pays 2:1; 5 and 9 pays 3:2; 6 and 8 pays 6:5.

Most casinos will play denominations that could be as small as a dollar. Because of this, you can lose fractions of your dollar along the way. For example if you lay odds for a come line bet on the number 9. If you win you’ll be paid 3:2 which is $7.5. But the casino will only give you $7. You’ve lost 50 cents. Pay attention to the payouts so that you won’t lose money from those fractions.

Bottom line is to stick with bets that have the best odds.

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