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Craps History

Like most casino games, the history of craps is still subject to much debate and research. Dice games have been popular long before casino gaming is invented. The ancient world has definitely a large share of the excitement a game of dice brings. This adds up to much confusion to where the game of craps exactly originated.

One of the leading theories to the origin of the modern craps is a game called Hazard. This dice game has been the past time of crusaders during a siege on the “Hazarth” castle in the 12th century led by Sir William of Tyre from England. The game of Hazard became so popular among Englishmen that even the nobles and high-ranked officials play this game.

Some rules used in the game of craps were altered as it became even more popular. Years later, Hazard was introduced to France and later on, the French renamed Hazard into what we know today as craps. This name is derived from how the French pronounce “crabs”, which is the English term fro the lowest value a dice roll.

Game historians are also unsure up to now whether the Frenchmen or the Englishmen brought craps in the United States. Some say that craps became known and spread to the different parts of the country through the French colonizers. These colonizers first settled to a colony called Acadia. With this, craps was brought to the new world along with other casino games we know today such as blackjack.

When the British colonizers displaced the French colony, the descendants of the early settlers traveled across the country and finally settled to Louisiana. They were eventually known as the Cajuns and played a large role in spreading the game of craps in the country.

The game of craps also became a favorite game in the boats along the river of Mississippi. It further spread throughout the country as craps was introduced to the states along Mississippi river. Years later, a dice maker named John H. Winn. He modified the game of craps by changing the lay-out of the table that will allow players to bet either with the shooter or against him. This development revolutionized the game of craps and served as the foundation for the modern game of craps.

And finally with the development of online gaming, craps became one of the favorites. Craps software can be easily downloaded in one’s personal computer and enjoy the same experience as playing craps in the casino.

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