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Craps Myths

Here’s a look at some of the myths surrounding craps. The Casino is there to take your money as quickly as it can.

The casino provides a fairly even game with the house, as long as you play your cards right and make the right bets. Pass Line bets and full double odds provides you an opportunity to get back your bet which is not a way of quickly taking your money. While the casino hopes that you lose, its employees wants you to win. The dealers are hoping you win because this way they will get a token from the players. Dealers are delighted when players win.

The House changes dealers intentionally to change your fortune.

Dealers go on 20-minute rotations – on stick and on the two base positions. Afterwards, they go on a 20 minute break. Dealers are only changed during the following situations: during a shift changeover, when a candidate for the job auditions or when a break-in dealer gets too much action and is replaced by a more experienced dealer to keep the game going.

If the Stickman sends out the dice to a shooter with a 7 showing it is bad luck.

Professional stickpersons do not intentionally send out the dice on a 7. However, the dice accidentally hits the chips or drops when being returned to the shooter, sometimes terminating on a seven. Usually, host-shot players fix the dice according to their liking and shakes the dice anyway. The myth is grounded on players without knowledge that the chance of a 7 being hit are one out of six whatever angle you look at it.

When the dice or a die bounces off the table it is bad luck.

Nothing causes bad luck in the game of craps, there is just the odds of hitting a 7 is one in six. The usually complainer about hitting a 7 after the dice bounced off is the shooter who has no control of the dice, or the shooter who asks the same dice and then whines when that dice rolls a seven.

A “Virgin” Shooter brings good luck.

Again there is nothing that causes good luck. Neophyte shooters come to mind only when they make a good roll and immediately forgotten when they hit a seven. So and so is a good shooter.

Being a good shooter is not a skill, it’s a question of luck and mathematics.

7 and 11 are lucky numbers

Lucky numbers do not exist. It is probably based on the reputation that the two numbers do not hit on a Come-Out roll. In fact, making a wager on the two numbers are not wise decisions. It is insulting on the part of the dealer when a person bets on a 7 or 11.

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