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Poker Tips: Texas Hold’em and the Fold

The decision to hold or fold is most pronounced at the flop. This is when you decide, given around seventy one percent of any potential hand, whether or not you’ll be fighting in this particular hand. Pocket or hole cards can suddenly become playable once the flop rears its head. There are a few common poker or Texas Hold’em tips that can be used to help make this critical decision.

Holding the top pair at the point of the flop is a good position to have, but it’s not exactly instantaneous and total victory. This is a good time to force the issue are draw fire into the pot, especially if you’ve been doing it since before the flop came down like a hammer. The common Texas Hold’em tip is to see if there are possible hands that can be made at that point in time, hands that are five cards in nature that will destroy your top pair.

Every now and then however, it stops being a question of whether or not to run with the hand, but rather how you should run with it. Texas Hold’em is a game of chance on some level and sometimes, the flop gives you a freebie. This could be any kind of monster or nuts hand – four of a kind, royal flush, the big ones. These are the hands that say, statistically, you’ve just won the pot and what’s left is to determine just how much you’re getting for this round. That kind of monster hand.

Most Texas Hold’em tips would suggest that you slow play at this point, to bait people in. This particular strategy is flawed, as slow playing can give other hands to develop and potentially beat whatever you have. Another thing to watch out for is if you have the low end of a developed straight – that can easily be beaten by someone with the higher end. Slow playing remains a valid tactic, despite the warnings, but any player should be aware of how it could potentially go bad.

These are only a few key Texas Hold’em tips that can help you at the flop. Experience at the tables, online or at the casinos, can help sharpen your senses and give you a sort of sixth sense when it comes to making these key decisions without producing an inordinate amount of tells. Go to the casinos and see if these poker tips help you make your decisions more easily.

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