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The Game of Crapless Craps

For those players that are not familiar with craps, there two important phases in the game. These two phases are the “come-out cycle” and the “point cycle”. In a typical game of craps, a new craps shooter will place the wager on the pass line.

The craps shooter will then roll the dice on the craps table. The craps game is now on the “come-out” cycle. If the craps shooter rolls a seven or eleven, he will win the cash that was located on the pass line. If the craps shooter achieves a craps, which is a two, three or a twelve, he will lose his wager on the pass line. If the craps shooter throws a four, five, six, eight, nine or a ten, this will then become a point and the current craps game is now in the point cycle.

The shooter must then throw the same number before a number seven is thrown by the crap shooter in order to win the game. If the craps shooter throws a number seven, they will then lose.

Some casinos are currently offering a variation of the original game called “Crapless Craps” or “Never Ever Craps”. Some casino advertise that “Never Lose Your Pass Wager” because of the Craps of being thrown by the Craps Shooter. But it is not good when the pass line wager is rolled because of a two, three or twelve that show on the come-out roll in a craps game.

There are 6 ways to achieve a seven (one-six, six-one, two-five, five-two, three-four and four three) and there are 2 ways to achieve an eleven (a five-six and a six-five). There are also two ways to achieve a two or a twelve (one-one, six-six) and two ways to achieve a three (one-two, two-one) for a total of 4 ways on how to lose.

That makes it eight chances to win and four ways to lose the game or around two-one chance of winning a come out game rather than losing miserably. In a crapless game, instead of losing all of your wager on the pass line when a craps number is achieved, that number will become your own point number.

That is a good outcome because you will not immediately lose to a two, three or a twelve, and you will still have the chance to win it. But the number eleven, which is a winner on a come out, will also be classified as a point number in a crapless type of game.

The best way to win during a come out in a crapless type of game, or any craps game for that matter, is to achieve a seven.

The casino edge in a pass line wager during a game is about 1.41% percent. The chance of achieving a point two or twelve is a one in seven. The chance of making a three or an eleven is one in four.

Because a player only gets cash during the pass line wager, the casino edge for a pass line wager during a craps game is around 5.38% percent, which is about four times the advantage. So that is one of the main reasons why they promote crapless craps.

If you are the typical gambler, you are expected to do badly in craps. The few wins that you get will make you feel joy and contentment but during the game, you are expected to lose most of the time.

Bottom line, the enjoyment that you will have will only last about 25% percent as long as you will only wager on the pass line wagers on the crapless craps game. This is not good for a player in a common craps game. But there are a lot of ways to minimize the losses that you will experience and maximize your craps enjoyment.

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